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EBMT NG National Groups Update


East Forum



United Kingdom


Austrian EBMT NG Update

On May 5th 2011 our 8th Group Meeting took place in Pörtschach and it was a very successful conference.

We discussed the advertising and laid out the topics of our educational day which will take place in Vienna on November 24, 2011.

As a consensus, topics of the 30-minutes session will be:

  • Cord blood Transplantation
  • GvHD and challenges for nurses
  • Side-effects of long-term stays in hospital setting
  • Failure Management
  • Aromatherapy
  • Painmanagement
  • Plenary discussion

Birgit Birkenau, who is one of our members, will be responsible for its organisation.

The invitations for this event will be sent out soon to every Austrian Transplant centers.

Beside this, nothing has changed within the Austrian NG.


East Forum EBMT Nurses Group

The 4th East-Forum EBMT Nurses Group Meeting,
Paris, EBMT Congress, France 4.4.2011


Presented- East Forum:
Eva Bystricka, Jirina Suvova, Monika Marxova, Samuel Vokurka - Plzen (Pilsen), Czech Rep.
Vladislava Pavlicova – Hradec Kralove, Czech Rep.
Agnes Radvanyi – Budapest, Hungary
Gea Kok , Gerli Raieste, Marika Motus, Siiri Telling – Tartu, Estonia
Ivana Marešová – Olomouc, Czech Rep.
Andrea Pertlová – FN Motol pediatrie Praha, Czech Rep.
Rodica Ghelase, Otilia Oana Mocanu - Bucharest, Romania
Irena Katja Škoda Goričan, Andreja Nunar Perko, Polona Klanšček – Ljubljana, Slovenia

Other guests:
Dr. Vladimír Koza – Plzen (Pilsen, Czech), EBMT Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Reggie Belkhedim – Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) –EBMT-NG Communication Networking Committee
Dr.Tomas Svoboda - Plzen (Pilsen, Czech)
Markéta Čermáková – Lymfohelp, Czech Rep.
Hana Kohoutová – Lymfohelp, Czech Rep.

On the occasion of the EBMT-NG Congress in Paris, France, nurses cooperating within the East Forum EBMT-Nurses Group had their 4th session. There were the following issues discussed:

Administrative Acts:
1) Agnes Radvanyi (Haematology and Stem Cell Transplant, St.István & St.Laszlo Hospital, Budapest, Hungary ) joined the East Forum.
2) The East Forum is opened to any “East” European EBMT-center and is ready to cooperate with non-EBMT haematology-oncology centers in the region.
3) In the last year, Eva Bystricka (Plzen, CZ) was confirmed to be the East Forum Chair till 2013, and Irena Katja Skoda Gorican was elected to be the East Forum Vice-Chair.
4) I.K.Skoda Gorican (Ljubljana, Slovenia) took part in the EBMT National Groups Chair meetings in Madrid in 2/2011, and presented her findings.

1) The multicentre observational study on oral mucositis risk factors “The risk factors for oral mucositis and the effect of cryotherapy in patients after the BEAM and HD-l-PAM 200 mg/m2 autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation“ was accepted for publication in the European Journal of Oncology Nursing in 2011.

2) The first-year results of the observational study “Incidence of pulmonary and bronchial infections in patients after hematopoietic stem cells transplantation performed in HEPA or non-HEPA filtered rooms” was accepted for poster presentation in the Paris EBMT Congress 2011. There are these centers cooperating: Pilsen (CZ), Katowice (PL), Ljubljana (SLO), Bucharest (ROM). The study will continue and any centers are invited for the cooperation.

The East Forum international standard of care “the Oral Cavity care in Patients after High-dose Chemotherapy and Stem Cells Transplantation“ was accepted to be published in the Bone Marrow Transplantation Journal.

Several examples of transplantation nursing SOPs are listed and are available (English language version) on the East Forum web pages.

An effort will be made to support any activities and meetings that will lead to a more intensive cooperation between and among East Forum centres. An educational and working meeting will be considered (Ljubljana? Plzen ? Any other center ?) in autumn 2011 or late spring 2012


Spanish EBMT NG Update

After the elections on March 2011, the new Board has assumed the responsibility to go ahead with the Spanish EBMT Nurses group. First, we would like to thank the past Board the job they did and hopefully they stay involved and help us to make things work.

On the 10 to 11th of March The Annual Meeting and the 5th Study day took place in Madrid. It was very well attended and once analyzed the quality questioner, distributed at the end of its session, we may say that it was well organized and the sessions interested most of the participants. For those, interested, who could not come we have posted the slides and presentations at

Points in our agenda:

  • To improve communication among members keeping more frequent e-mail contact.
  • To reinforce the national network. We will ask the collaboration and participation of more transplant units, traditional ones, and new ones, as well we will start alliances with other Spanish Nursing Associations.
  • To fuel the subcommittees or special interest groups (SIG) to make them more active in sharing experiences and knowledge. Each SIG has a leader who directly communicates with the Board and has their aims and goals. We expect them to work in their area of expertise and hope they may provide report about achievements in the next Study Day.
    -STC transplants at home
    -Pediatric subcommittee
    -Transplant coordination
    -New therapies

Best regards,

Eugenia Trigoso
Chairman and link person

Anna Mantecón

Carmen Conde

Julia Ruiz



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EBMT NG National Groups Updates

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