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  Issue 6, March














Dear Colleagues,

The EBMT Nurses Group is looking back upon an intensive and successful year and herewith I would like to start, by thanking all the members of the EBMT Nurses Group; the members from the several committees and colleagues from the Nurses Group and EBMT Board for all their hard work and support during the last year!

In this edition of the Newsletter you will find contributions from the various committees and colleagues.

In 2008 the members of the EBMT Nurses Group joined several meetings in Europe; you will find the experiences of the colleagues who joined those meetings in this newsletter.

We have also contributed to various meetings together with representatives from patients’ associations from different countries from Europe. What was so special about these meetings was being able to recognise how specialised these patients advocates are. Also, another important aspect of these meetings was the importance that nurses, allied health professionals, physicians and patients should work more collaboratively to develop the care for our patients.

Milestones and Special Events…

In November one of our members attended a meeting with the Late Effects Working Party, where we discussed the involvement and collaboration of the EBMT NG within this Working Party.

The 8 National Groups are working on several projects in a regional, national and international scale. The expansion to different countries is one of the goals of the EBMT NG Board. At this moment we are in talks with our colleagues in France and Turkey to set up a national EBMT NG.

We attended several meetings with the national groups in Germany and Switzerland and on the 21st and 22nd November we joined the Nordic BMT Forum, where we represented the EBMT NG and discussed joining the EBMT Nurses Group as a Forum with our colleagues from the 5 Scandinavian countries.

In December the NG Board had a one-day board meeting in Göteborg and afterwards the members of the Scientific Committee worked on the preparation for the Meeting in Göteborg.

A New Sub Committee…

On the 7th September 2008 the EBMT NG Board agreed and decided to set up an NG Paediatric Nurses Committee within the EBMT Nurses Group. In December suitable candidates where selected and I would like to welcome and introduce you to the following members of this recently formed committee; Eugenia Trigoso (Valencia, Spain) and Mr. Marco Deiana (Genova, Italy).

Discussions regarding projects to start work on with the new members of the Paediatric Committee have already begun and we hope to provide you with more news soon.

Educational Initiatives

The EBMT NG Board feels it is important to expand and optimise existing educational projects accessible to haematology nurses across Europe. At this time we are in contact with several groups and companies to plan those educational projects and we will update you about those initiatives as soon as we have signed off our agreements.

25th Meeting of the EBMT Nurses Group

The members of the Scientific Committee have composed a very interesting and special program for this special 25th Meeting; you can already get to know part of this in the conference web site:

The opening Session on Monday 30th March will be a plenary where we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary.

At the end of the Session, a colleague who has been working in the field of SCT will receive the 1st EBMT-NG Distinguished Merit Award.

We are also very pleased to announce that we can award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize for best abstracts/oral presentations sponsored by Fresenius Biotech, and one prize for the best poster sponsored by Novartis Oncology.

National Nurses Groups and Forums will have the opportunity to meet and discuss national matters of SCT Nursing interests and countries that do not have a formal national group yet will be encouraged to get together and discuss setting up a national group. To do this we will use information flyers to point out where colleagues from the different countries are in order to optimise contact and assist networking.

Our hope is that while attending the next Annual Meeting you will obtain inspiration and ideas, which you can take back with you to share at your workplace.

On behalf of the EBMT Nurses Group Board, we are looking forward to welcoming you in Göteborg!

Yours faithfully,
Erik Aerts
President of the EBMT Nurses Group