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EBMT NG Scientific Sub Committee Conference Update

Mairead Ni Chonghaile,
St. James's Hospital, Dublin, Ireland - Chair, NG Scientific Sub Committee

Well that time of year has come around again – it is hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since the meeting in Florence. This year sees the 25th meeting of the EBMT Nurses’s Group (NG) – a significant milestone for any group. In December the scientific committee met in Göteborg and finalised the programme for the meeting. We had 171 abstracts submitted for consideration from which we selected the candidates for oral and poster presentations.

The conference will start on Sunday 29th March with the study day aimed at nurses and health professionals who are less experienced and new to the field of transplantation. The focus of the 5th Annual Study Day will be “Donor Issues” in the morning and ‘’Infectious Issues’’ in the afternoon.

For the more experienced nurse and allied health professional, the Nurses group is pleased to announce a new departure with the introduction of an afternoon session on Sunday for this group of practitioners. Attendees will be welcome to attend the morning session of the Pre meeting study day or this session only. The focus of this session will be on evidence based practice and vaccination strategies post HSCT.

The meeting will open on Monday with a special plenary session celebrating 25 years of the NG with a focus on the history of HSCT, the NG and its achievements.

Educational Sessions

As usual we will have 6 educational sessions aimed at giving an insight in diseases and clinical and management issues. The six sessions are:





Total Body Irradiation

M Adams (London UK)

Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

J Apperley (London, UK)


Myleodysplastic Syndromes

M Markiewiecz (Katowice Poland)

An overview of regulation & accrediation in HSCT units

D Pamphilon (Bristol, UK)


Reduced Intensity Transplant

M Ni Chonghaile (Dublin Ireland)

Autoimmune diseases in children

A Fasth (Goteburg Sweden)

Plenary & Workshop Sessions

In a new departure this year the Nurses group will hold 2 workshops which will have limited capacity – registration will be available via your meeting registration form and any available spaces will then be allocated on a first come first serve basis will be in Göteborg. It is hoped that by doing this we will be able to have a more interactive and practical session and each of these sessions will be repeated (one on Tuesday morning and the other on Wednesday morning).

The other 4 sessions will be plenary sessions giving participant s the opportunity to meet the expert. These sessions will be on Monday.



Proposed Speaker

Workshop (limited numbers & repeated on Tuesday)

Complimentary Therapies

C Wendt ( Lund SE)
C van Eltink (Amsterdam NL)


Pallitive care in paediatrics

Marie-José Pulles (NL)
Yvonne Hakansson (Lund, SE)


GvHD – New therapies, nursing care & Photopheresis

R Weijer (Utrecht, NL)


Quality Management

N Som (Bristol UK)


Compliance – Whose responsibility?

J Larsen (Stockholm SE) & M Fliedner (Berne CH)

There will also be a plenary session on Tuesday titled “More confidence in stem cell mobilization and collection” looking at developments in this area.

Joint session

The joint session on Tuesday morning is an exciting opportunity for us to get together with the other disciplines attending the meeting and collaborate. This year is an exciting session looking at Quality of life and the future for our patients. We are excited to have 3 speakers dealing with this topic and the session is as follows:

Quality of Life lessons - Into the future

  1. Quality of life Studies, the nuts and bolts - Prof A Kiss (Basel, CH)
  2. The impact of genital GvHD on life - Dr E Smith-Knutsson (Trollhattan, SE)
  3. The impact of long-term follow up on survivorship - Dr D Greenfield (Sheffield UK)


The meeting will have the usual poster and oral presentations and we are pleased to announce that our prizes for best oral presentation will be sponsored again this year by Novartis and the best poster prize will be sponsored by Fresenius.

The meeting will have the usual social events and the poster viewing sessions in the evenings giving us all the opportunity to meet and chat with colleagues and exchange ideas and experiences.

The Scientific Committee looks forward to seeing you in March and wishes you all an enjoyable conference. The final programme will be available towards the end of February at www.akm.ch/ebmt2009