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EBMT NG National Groups Update

Nordic Forum Update

Swiss NG Update

Austrian NG Update

Middle EU NG Update

UK NG Update

Dutch NG Update


Nordic Forum Update

13th Nordic Forum for BMT Nurses in Reykjavik
November 20-22 2008

Thorunn Saevarsdottir, Nanna Fridriksdottir, Gudbjorg Gudmundsdottir
and Sigrun Thoroddsdottir.

Since 1996 Scandinavian nurses working with blood and bone marrow transplantation have held a group meeting annually in the fall, alternating between the four Scandinavian countries, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In 2004 Iceland became an active member of the group and the first meeting held in Iceland was in November 2008. One aim of the group is to improve the cooperation between the transplant centers in Scandinavia, to study, develop and exchange knowledge, experience and ideas within Scandinavia.


The recent meeting held in November in Iceland was attended by 81 nurses from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and Iceland. The theme of the meeting was Patient and Family experience during BMT. The meeting started on Thursday afternoon with two sessions on complementary and alternative therapies for cancer patients and the participants being lead in relaxation and hypnosis, preparing them for the two-day meeting ahead. The Friday sessions focused on patient and family experience, starting with a presentation of the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention model which is being integrated into nursing at Landspitali in Reykjavik. This was followed by three lectures, first on patients perception on symptom and symptom distress during and after stem cell transplantation in Sweden, second, on Icelandic patients experience of undergoing allogeneic BMT away from home, and third a Danish psychosocial intervention study for parents of children undergoing treatment with stem cell transplantation was presented. The final sessions were two stories, one shared by an Icelandic patient and another one shared by a mother of a young child who has undergone BMT. The Friday meeting ended with a visit to the children’s hospital and in the evening there was a welcome dinner downtown Reykjavik.

The meeting closed on Saturday at noon after national meetings, sessions on nutrition and neutropenic diet and discussion about the future of the Nordic Forum within the EBMT-NG, lead by Erik Aerts president of the EBMT-NG. It was decided to work on becoming a subgroup of the EBMT-NG and that the contact persons with EBMT would be the persons responsible for the last and the next Nordic Forum meetings, Thorunn Saevarsdottir from Iceland and Hanne Baekgaard Laursen from Denmark. They will work on the constitution and the strategy for the Nordic Forum group. Overall the meeting was rated successful by the participants who where also active in exploring the sights and shops of Iceland. Next year the Nordic meeting will be held in Copenhagen on November 26th - 28th.


Swiss National Group Update

Christel Pino Molina,
President, EBMT NG Swiss National Group

Last year's meeting took place in October in St. Gallen. The agenda comprised of elections, audits, education and new developments in autologous transplantation.

Elected as President was Christel Pino Molina, University Hospital of Basel, and, as Vice-President, Veronique Chapuis, University Hospital of Geneva. The next elections will be held in October 2010.

There will be a presentation about our experiences with the audits at the next EBMT congress in Goteborg. Education will be a topic at the next Swiss National Group Nurses meeting in April 2009 in Aarau.

Dr. Urs Hess, Head of the Hematology Division, Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen, gave a presentation describing new treatments for multiple myeloma. In future, numbers of autologous transplants are likely to be reduced.

This is all the news from the Swiss National Nurses Group,

Hope to see you all in Goteborg!


Austrian National Group Update

Birgit Keinrath

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a good time and that the start in the New Year is not too busy?

In the last update I recall telling you that some centres will move to a new place, so I asked them how the situation is at the moment.

Christoph from the Uniklinik Innsbruck kindly provided the below update;
The KMT-Center is at the new station since the 14 August 2008. We now have 12 normal beds and 8 for transplant. Before that we had 8 normal beds and 3 for transplant.

Since January 2009 we have been using laser therapy for transplant related mucositis and will test it for two months. I’m very inspired, but the physicians are still a bit sceptical. Laser therapy begins from the day of conditioning to the day +2 after TX, autologus as well as allos.

The tirolyan colleagues like the new patient rooms, they have a great overview of Innsbruck and the mountains and the rooms are very bounteous. But the rooms for the working staff are too small and the equipment bought is very cheep. They also saved on labour and so the work is very stressful at the moment.

Uniklinik Innsbruck -KMT

Constantia from the AKH Vienna wrote:
We moved in August last year like the colleagues in Innsbruck but only had one week for the whole movement! Now there are 8 Intensive beds, 10 normal beds and 4 beds for the day hospital. However, we started with a huge problem: flooding in 2 of the patient rooms. Also the technical equipment didn’t work as it should so there was a big issue with the air-conditioning, the laf-installation, the calling-system, the patient toilet system…I think everybody can imagine just how hard it was working in those conditions! I should also mention that not surprisingly it was mostly the nurses that had to deal with all of the problems; we didn’t really get supported by the physicians…

AKH Vienna – KMT

Birgit from the St. Anna Kinderhospital wrote:
The completion of the research centre for children with cancer is finished along with the “prophylactical support in children with high risk during KMT” project which is now completed along with a further enhancement of the working-guide for quality management.

Like the colleagues in Innsbruck we have also started a trial period with the laser-therapy – if it helps against the mucositis as desired we are thinking of buying our own device.

That’s it for now, greetings from Austria!


Middle-European National Group Update

Eva Bystricka,
Charles University Hospital, Pilsen, Czech Republic

Cooperating centers: Croatia (Zagreb), Czech Rep. (Brno, Brno-pediatric, Hradec Kralove, Olomouc, Plzen, Prague-Motol pediatric, Prague-FNKV, Prague-UHKT, Prague-VFN), Estonia (Tartu), Poland (Bydgoszcs, Katowice, Lublin, Poznan), Romania (Bucharest), Russia (Petersburg), Slovakia (Banska Bystrica, Bratislava, Kosice, Martin), Slovenia (Ljubljana).

The Group is getting ready to meet in Göteborg at the EBMT 2009 congress, and to present its work and cooperation. Results of large international survey “Current protective isolation policy within East, Middle and West European transplant centres” were accepted for publication as an abstract and an oral presentation and will be presented during the Nurses Session 12: Multidisciplinary collaboration, on 01 April 2009 commencing at 10:20. In addition to this, results of “Nurse-staffing standards within East, Middle and West European transplant centres - a pilot survey” were accepted as a poster presentation.

During the EBMT 2009 congress, the group will meet on Monday 30, at 17:30 to discuss various SOPs that are displayed on the Group´s web pages: www.ebmt.org/6NursesGroup/nurses17.htm, ongoing and planned research projects, questionnaires and any individual issues.

Several nursing SOPs are posted on the Group´s web pages, to give an example of individual nursing procedures and to help facilitate JACIE accreditations in Eastern Europe. In 10/2008, the BMT centre in Pilsen (Plzen) was the first one within the Group to become JACIE accredited.

In September (26-28), 160 haematology and oncology nurses from the Czech and Slovak Republic met together during the annual educational meeting. Topics presented and discussed included multiple myeloma treatment and nursing, pain management, HLA typing and psychology issues, ongoing and past research projects and new prospectives. Unfortunately, due to language barriers and long distances it has not been possible to organize a similar meeting together with other foreign BMT centres.


EBMT (UK) NAP Group Update

Carol Charley, UK

The EBMT (UK) NAP continues to have good attendance. The group organised three study days in 2008. Our 35th meeting was in Liverpool, the European city of Culture, for 2008, in November. Topics included:

  • Reduced intensity Allografts
  • Supporting teenage and young adults
  • Management of unrelated donors
  • Patient pathways
  • Quality of life post transplant

Our links with the UK Quality Managers Forum meant that during 2008 we were able to hold joint JACIE sessions, at our meetings, and were able to support teams preparing for JACIE inspections.

Ongoing projects that the group is involved with are:

  • The fungal assessment tool
  • Sibling donor project
  • The possibility of holding a patients forum at one of our meetings during 2009-02-05

In the financial climate our sponsorship for 2009 has been reduced, therefore we have only planned two meetings. On a positive note we have a new sponsor ELF (Elimination of Leukaemia Fund) who are sponsoring a speaker at each meeting and also a travel grant for UK nurses and allied professions who would like to attend an educational meeting or visit another European BMT Unit. Those UK members who are interested should contact a committee member via the web site www.ebmt.co.uk

During 2009 we will be updating our database for UK BMT centres and there will be some changes to the committee. Already we have said goodbye to Helen Jessop, who has been on the committee since the beginning, nine years, and have welcomed Michelle Kenyon and John Murray

Our venues for meetings during 2009 are; 24th June - Reading Town Hall, Reading and 4th November - Derby Conference Centre, Derby.

Those of you that are attending EBMT 2009 should be very proud, as it is 25 years since the first meeting of BMT nurses in Europe. The EBMT (UK) NAP Group would like to acknowledge those nurses who had the foresight to organise that first meeting, because without them the EBMT Nurse Group would not be what it is today. A big thank you to Celeste Dye and Yvonne Hagen from the Netherlands, Jean Edwards and Linda Ward from the UK.

Your committee members are:




Carole Charley – Chair

Louise Ritchie – Vice Chair

Joan Newman – Secretary




Michelle Kenyon – member

John Murray – member.

One of the above members will take on the role of treasure after our next committee meeting in February 2009.


Dutch National Group Update

Marjan Rademaker, Amsterdam

The Dutch National Transplantation Nurses Group was formed in 1985. We started with a group of nurses from 9 hospitals, mostly university centres, where autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplantations (SCT’s) are performed in adults and/or children as well. Nowadays, we have a group of nurses from 16 hospitals; 4 hospitals perform SCT’s both in children and adults.

The aim of our group is not only to get care for patients and donors more standardized but on a higher nursing level as well. The way we try to reach this goal is by taking part in development of nursing and multidisciplinary guidelines. The last guideline we developed is advice for nursing care for patients with graft versus host disease. We’ve developed these guideline together with the HOVON (Dutch foundation hemato-oncology diseases in adults).

We meet 4 times a year on regular basis to exchange knowledge and experiences. Each year in May we have a meeting with a special theme. Last year we had a meeting with the Dutch stem cell patient association. Since then we realize our aims are partly the same and we cooperate to achieve success. The first thing we have developed together is a new version of a patient and donor information brochure.

Our national SCT group has variable sub-groups with their own attendance. At the moment these sub-groups are:

  • Education and network / cooperation with patient association
  • Late side effects
  • Follow-up care

Since 2000 we are a special interest group of the Dutch Association of Oncology Nurses. We take part in their yearly congress. This year we did a workshop session about the way to better inform patients and donors, late side effects of SCT and follow-up nursing care. The response of the audience was very positive.

We promote ourselves by giving lessons on haematology and oncology educations. Twice a year we used to have our own newsletter but now we take part in the oncology nurse journal that appears 4 times a year and we have a webpage on their website.

Since 2006 most national nurses groups, including our association of oncology nurses, are united in V&VN (nurses and attendants of the Netherlands).