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A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all

In September 2008 we asked you for feedback on the EBMT Nurses Group Newsletter. We wish to thank the 51 members who participated in the survey.

The results are very positive and helpful: 80% read the Newsletter electronically, so the Email format is well accepted. 62% forwarded the Newsletter to colleagues and some of them to up to five persons.

The new layout was enjoyed by 87% of the participants and 81% rated the information quality as high. Important dates and upcoming meetings is the most read section, but also the other sections are rated as interesting, easy to find and clearly written. We received suggestions to include more paediatric themes and one medical topic in each issue e.g. the latest news from a working party, a JACIE section or more practical nursing information.

The Communication and Networking Committee is very grateful for your feedback. We plan to discuss your suggestions at our next meeting in Goteborg and probably you will find new themes in the future. Thanks again and if you have any ideas or questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

The GVHD educational DVD that the EBMT-NG Research Committee completed last year can now be accessed from the main page of the EBMT-NG website:

The DVD has been developed to provide healthcare professionals with a better understanding of the disease and to help them educate and support patients and carers. The DVD uses the latest research findings, the expertise of healthcare professionals and the views of patients to address the pathophysiology, treatment and care of GVHD.

The 25th Meeting of the EBMT Nurses Group is just around the corner and the Scientific Committee have put together a very full programme with many interesting sessions which you can read about in their update.

In this Issue you can find a summary of last years EBMT 2008 workshop about Skin Care & Graft versus Host Disease. Roel de Weijer has summarized his presentation to make it accessible to every member.

Finally we would like to thank everybody who contributed to this issue of the Newsletter!


From left to right:
Sara Zulu, Sabine Degen and Amélia Muerst, NG Communication & Networking Committee.