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Local Nurse Diary – EBMT 2009

Elisabeth Wallhult, Inger Andersson and Joacim Larsen,
Local Nurses for EBMT 2009

This is the last report before the meeting in Gothenburg and the expectations and temperature is rising - we are really looking forward to meeting you all in March.

But there is still work to be done, in December the NG Scientific Committee met during the weekend in Gothenburg for the abstract selection. A total of 162 abstracts (we know then that at least 162 nurses will attend the meeting!!) were sorted out for oral and poster presentation. It was really hard work and Inger and Joacim were glad to have some experience from attending the abstract selection meeting in Florence last year. As local nurses we had to read all of the abstracts, and that, we can say, took some time…

At this meeting we also met the local nurse for the next meeting in Austria 2010. We tried to inform her of the work she can look forward to and her responsibility as a local nurse for the meeting. It’s important as a local nurse to be involved in the work as soon as possible and the abstract selection is a really good opportunity to learn the process and to get to know the persons in the scientific committee at an early stage.

The program is now settled and all speakers have been invited and accepted and we can promise you it will be a very interesting and varied program where there may even be some surprises.

We will have two further telephone conferences with the NG Scientific Committee before the meeting, where we will go through everything and see if we have missed anything. There will also be meetings within the local group to ensure that everyone has fulfilled their obligations.

Of course we hope that there will be many nurses attending the meeting in Gothenburg but we also hope you have the time to see something more than the convention centre. Gothenburg is a lovely city and besides the tours you can read about in the program we can recommend many other places worth seeing.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Gothenburg!